Female Travel – Staying smooth & hairless whilst travelling

Is anyone currently watching this year’s series of Love Island thinking, how on earth do these beautiful ladies stay so silky smooth and bikini ready day after day after day … ?’

The Petite Passenger in Iceland

I encountered a very similar dilemma whilst backpacking Asia for 12 months. Whilst travelling, you never know when you might encounter a perfect, crystal clear waterfall, beach or turquoise lagoon and all those lucky men have to worry about is if they bought a towel whilst we are left wandering if our bikini region looks like the wild bushes we just trekked through!

You might be questioning, why not touch up with a razor every morning – I’m not sure who’s skin can handle that but personally, mine looks like it’s had a fight with a beehive after more than 3 days of braving the shave!

hair removal featured travel blog

So, what is the answer if you’re a female venturing somewhere long term and you want to be silky soft and ready to strip down to your favourite swimwear in an instant?

Although I wish that I could afford a beneficial and painless course of laser treatment on all my lady parts, my money has been better spent on nights under palm trees so I took a friends advice and got into the habit of monthly waxes.

Before you freak out and pour a glass of wine to get over the insult I just threw at you, hear me out… Waxing has come a long way since the days of boiling hot, honey-like syrup and fabric strips of pain! My local salon uses something that looks more like gooey marshmallows, it grips the hair ONLY and not your precious female skin!  The more regularly you keep up your monthly treatments, the less the hair grows back! The discovery was totally fabulous and I finally felt like I didn’t have to worry about those rude and angry razor bumps that totally ruined my sexy skimpy swimsuit look.

Maldives travel blog shot
The Petite Passenger in The Maldives

So what about getting waxes on my travels?

I kept up the waxes every month in Asia – yes, that’s correct, I left my lady-hairs in 12 countriesI guess I left more than a footprint there!

I was concerned mainly about offending their culture as many countries in Asia prohibit woman from exposing their shoulders and knees so I thought the chances of me coming across a salon was very low and there was a high probability that me taking my pants down would leave the beautician running out in tears but to my surprise the ladies of Asia were incredibly confident and more than comfortable ‘down-there’.

bikini wax blog post

Was it as ‘legit’ as the home salon?

Ummmm… Have you been to Asia? So of course I had a few waxing adventures horror stories in my year on the road.

There was the lady in Bali who had the wax WAY too hot – she scolded me and I missed my yoga classes for 3 days because I could barely raise a leg. And the nice woman in Sri Lanka who couldn’t make her mind up about which way to pull the wax off. She was pulling in every direction when you should really only pull in the direction of hair growth. But being ‘too polite’ and British I lay there and grit my teeth, praying that it wouldn’t look like a patch-work quilt afterwards… it did.

The Petite Passenger in Bali

Tips from the pros

Other hair removal options you’re most likely familiar with are hair removal cream – super easy, quick and painless but can be patchy and you have to wait for the hair to be long before going in for round 2 – not exactly ideal for beach-side living.

Grabbing the tweezers can be a temptation to pluck out those stray hairs and show them a lesson but when you pull hair out like this the follicle doesn’t like it much and gets revenge in the form of the most aggressive rash you’ve seen.

If you are a razor user – professional ballet dancers and erotic ladies who spend their days in revealing clothing swear by rubbing an un-scented and sensitive friendly deodorant on your area post shave to keep it flawless! Use olive oil and a men’s razor – designed for delicate facial skin – for that perfect bikini-ready vaj!


Do you have a favourite hair removal method? Share your tips and tricks below!

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