Female Travel – Dealing With Your Period Whilst Travelling

period post

Girls. Let’s talk about that ‘travel destroyer‘ we call our periods. It can be a real b*tch when you’re on the road, from surviving 15 hour bus journeys, nights out that last until sunrise and going for a skinny dip in the tropical waters of your destination.

There is one little miracle tool that means you can do all this without problems! (I’m not talking about the pill (find out why I’m not a fan here)).

Our new life saver comes in the form of the … *imagine a drum roll here please*………. THE MENSTRUAL CUP! Excuse the red font… couldn’t help myself.

Although the entire process can be a bit gross and messy at first, you really become best friends with your vagina very quickly!

Whatever brand or material you go for this monthly savior is WAY better for the environment then all this disposable methods you stick in your pants. I personally went for the Diva Cup, the most well-known period buddy on the market, (in the small size if you really wanted to know the size of… that).

Once you’ve become a pro at inserting the soft rubber cup up there you can really carry on life as normal. It’s totally undetectable from the outside so you don’t have to worry about tampon strings escaping your bikini or skipping that infinity pool in paradise because of your pantyliner!

What I really love about it is that I can continue wearing thongs, bikinis or just waltzing round the room naked (not that I ever do that) without worry and I usually only have to empty the cup twice a day!

This has become a real game-changer for me on the road, I feel so confident and save a ton of money as well as the saving the environment from sanitary towels that take years to degrade. Plus it takes up A LOT less room in my backpack than the other alternatives.

It’s worth knowing that in many countries around the world (I’m talking about you Sri Lanka) tampons aren’t even sold, my friends encountered a big shock when all they could find where large and uncomfortable liners. “The cup”, I whispered. Enough said…

Questions I get thrown about my invisible buddy-
Can you sleep in it-
Absolutely, and lie however you like whilst you’re at it.
Can you feel it inside you –
Hardly ever, only if you do squats or sit like a weirdo.
Can you pee with it in?
Um yeah, that’s a different hole silly.
How do you clean it?
Pour away your lovely lady fluids and rinse with soap and water. That’s it! I change mine 2-3 times a day or just when I remember.


Diva Cup 1 Pre Childbirth (Packaging May Vary)


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