Visit the sticky Waterfalls in Chiang Mai!


After seeing the famous white rocks of the Bua Tong Waterfalls on YouTube and blogs it was high up on my to do list for Chiang Mai, my first stop in my 12 month backpacking trip through Asia ~ which started a whole 9 days ago already! 

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Getting there

It was much harder than I thought to get there ~ without riding a motorbike ~ so I got chatting to some people in my dorm who had never heard of it and they were eager to come with me. 4 of us jumped in a red taxi and worked out a deal to get there and back (1-1.5 hours each way) for about £4 each!

After arriving our driver said to meet him in 2 hours which was plenty of time to discover the area ~ the scenery is just gorgeous!

After walking down the steps to the bottom level of the falls the sun was beating down and we were greeted by TONS of butterflies. They were landing on our feet and all around us! It was amazing. We had the falls to ourselves and immediately tried to scale the white rocks ~ with the aid of ropes at times.

Your mind is telling you that you’ll fall as the water gushes past your feet but like gravity has stopped working you just walk up the rocks with no issues!

The View Point

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After climbing up all the levels you can find an incredible view point looking over North Thailand’s beautiful mountains. Be sure to come on a clear day so you can catch a glimpse of the wild jungle around you.

A short walk away you will find the source of the water, a hot spring that is so blue you would not believe! The camera doesn’t do it justice!

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I’m so happy that I managed to round up the girls to come adventure here with me and they each thanked me for introducing them to it but  would not have made it there without them!

Have you been to the falls or somewhere else amazing in North Thailand?

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3 thoughts on “Visit the sticky Waterfalls in Chiang Mai!

  1. The hot spring looks so beautiful! Did you swim there? Beautiful place.. looks like you’re having a great time! 🙂


  2. I loved the sticky falls when I was in Chiang Mai! There was hardly anyone there so I’m glad someone else got to enjoy it too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you made it there too! It’s such a hidden gem for sure and so beautiful! We are very lucky to have had it to ourselves! X


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