Travel Tuesday – Why I’m not allowed to be a flight attendant


Why hello there you gorgeous thing! Did you have a merry Christmas? Indulge in some delicious dishes? Drink a tad too much bubbly? Good, me too. I’m so lucky to be in a situation where I can do that and having so many loved ones around at Christmas has made me feel insanely emotional about leaving it all behind. 

In 1 week today I will be leaving everything I know for an insane year of adventures around Asia and wherever my heart takes me. For the first time in my life I have no plans and all my belongings fit into a rucksack. It’s the most fabulous and liberating feeling I’ve known. 

With just 1 week left I thought it was a great time to have another Travel Tuesday chat with you lovely wanderers. 

The Christmas period is inevitably rather expensive, I treated my mum with a surprise ticket to join me in Thailand in a few months time among some other large purchased like my travel insurance and all the boring costs that come with exciting times. So I might have a budget plan, some savings and an idea that I can get through the year without working but the idea of a £0 salary for over 12 months has dawned on me hit me like a train. 

I haven’t been unemployed for 7 years! My travel life of 12 countries and countless adventures has all happened in my 6 week holiday allowance per year. Am I a bum nomad?! 

One day I was thinking (crying) about the thought of returning to normality one day, perhaps begging for my desk job back so I can quickly save for my next escape but I’d quite like to do something that doesn’t make me want to jump off a bridge. 

Travelling whilst making money is the dream, unfortunately Little Lottie isn’t quite there yet (help a girl out and hit subscribe) so I racked my brain for ideas and loved the idea of being a flight attendant.

I smell pretty good so people wouldn’t mind me leaning over them with my armpits. I pack light so my belongings would fit perfectly in the overhead cabins and I look cute in a neckscarf… What more could they want?! 

Im not crazy… just free!

I went straight to Emirates to get on the waiting list (turns out this chick isn’t the only one with dreams) They put their staff up in exceptional accommodation in no other than Dubai… YASS! Guess what my only obstacle was? 

I’m qualified. I’ve got years of customer service experience. I can put up with the occasional asshole.  A clear criminal record ~ if you don’t include being too awesome for legal requirements 😉

But the one thing in my way… My arms are too short!!! EXCUSE ME?! 

Flashbacks of my countless batting eyelashes at nearby passengers with requests for help reaching my bag came flooding back to me. I’m too short in every department, arms, legs, skirts… And the fact I don’t wear a bra or makeup kind of puts them off too! 

Well Emirates, you’re missing out. This girl is taking her short ass to a tour company or yoga retreat for some dolla. 

Honestly? I’d be happy pouring cocktails for wanderers in bars if it meant the dream could continue. But we can cross that bridge when I run out of money. 

How do you fund your adventures?


Big love and happy travels. Little Lottie.X

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7 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday – Why I’m not allowed to be a flight attendant

  1. That’s such a nice gift for your mum! I’m so excited to see you start your Asia adventure. Plenty of people travel without a job for YEARS at a time 🙂 I’m sure you will do awesome! Especially in Asia…that will be amazing! Are you doing any workaways while you’re there?

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    1. Ah thank you so much Ryan, it’s been amazing to get your comments and support this year, your images constantly inspire me and I can’t wait to start my adventure too! My mum was over the moon, she can’t wait to see the place I’m so in love with for herself. I would love to gain experience working abroad, even if it was bar, hostel or tour work I think it would be the best adventure! Have you done it?

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  2. Oh wow, what a daft reason to disqualify someone from being a flight attendant! Can they actually do that?

    And best luck with your 12 month trip, that sounds amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Apparently they can! I thought it was funny afterwards as I always get people commenting on my shortness! Thank you so much, I’m so happy you enjoyed the post! Big love x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I wouldn’t take it personally though! I hate to think of the list of things they’d disqualify me for…


  3. I actually laughed out loud when I read the reason for this. And then stopped laughing because I realized I probably would be too short too.
    And I thought my height would only limit me from playing basketball or being a runway model. 😩

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m so glad you liked the post. I thought it was hilarious too, never even considered that I wouldn’t even be able to put people’s bags overhead which is a little important haha. At least we are small and cute 🙂


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