How to spend 5 hours in Paris – Solo Travel Tips


– Audrey Hepburn

On my jouney from Rome to London my coach stopped in a very magical place, you might have heard of it, Paris! Despite being my last and shortest stop on my backpacking trip through Europe it was without a doubt one of my favourites!
Over my 3 weeks in the other 4 amazing Countries and 6 wonderful cities fellow travelers continuously warned me of the dangers here and said it wasn’t their favourite. I couldn’t have felt more different! Who’s with me? Have you been to Paris? 
 Here is how I spent 5 hours in Paris and how you can see the city of love without an expensive hotel stay…

After 20 hours on the coach from Rome I was very eager to arrive in the beautiful city. 

France was covered in a think grey fog and I could barely see out of the window. After snacking on several corn crackers and bananas we arrived. 

As the morning broke, the mist lifted and the gorgeous green countryside of France was revealed under a clear blue sky… And the occasional trucker peeing in a bush. 

Perhaps anywhere after Rome can feel peaceful but after jumping on the metro at 9am on a Monday morning I felt like I was in a ghost town. I was joined by only 1 other person in the carriadge and my bus buddy and I kept questioning whether this was normal.

I jumped off the metro at Lena which is the stop closest to the Eiffel Tower. I was expecting to get off and see it, as I could when the coach was miles away, but there was no tower in site. A quick walk down the road and there it was, looming over a long bridge. I, being a typical tourist, fastened my camera to my wrist and continued treking towards it with my 9kg backpack on my back ~ yes, by the end of the day I could hardly walk. Take note babe.  

The Tower wasn’t surrounded with people as I expected, just plenty of local Parisians chatting and running round the surrounding green park. I made the most of the sunny space and took a million selfies of course!


From the tower I skipped visiting the pricey shops of the famous Avenue des Champs Elysées (can you imagine Dior living in my backpack through Asia next year..nope) and walked to Concorde Sqaure, the highest point in Paris. I wouldn’t call this the best view point, I mean, it was literally a couple of steps higher than the rest of the City but thankfully for me and my tired feet I got some cool pictures here.

Just stroll along the river Seine in a straight line until you reach the square, it’s only A MILE AND A HALF down the road. It’s also home to a pretty fountain, a famous kissing statue and some benches… THANK GOD!

After walking for so long with my heavy backpack I was desperate to see some more sites before heading back to catch my coach home. I knew I didn’t have enough euros left for a taxi so I bartered hard for 10 minutes to catch a ‘man on a bike’ to the Notre Dam. I still don’t quite know how but I got him from 25euros to 12 as it was all I had left!

He peddled hard with my and my luggage in the tuktuk at the back, it was a scenic drive past the Louvre and across ‘Pont Neuf’, the oldest bridge in Paris, to the Notre Dame Cathedral.

This building is a must see, it’s extremely intricate and stunning, even the gremlins look pretty some how. How do you do it Paris?! 


 Paris captured me with it’s charms. The city smells of candy floss and warm chocolate crepes, the locals were friendly and helpful (I might of got lost once or twice), families cycled along the pretty riverside paths and friends went running whilst chatting and laughing. Plus the men are hot and the food is darn tasty! 

Share this post to spread the news that Paris is back, better than ever after the recent attacks there. Let’s restore the faith among travelers.  Look out for the Paris vlog coming soon!

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    1. It’s amazing of you to read it and say so! I’m really glad you enjoyed it! Happy travels X

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