Travel Tuesday – 5 Wild Jungle Destinations

“It’s a jungle out there…”


The world is beautiful, if Planet Earth 2 hasn’t bought that to your attention then nothing will. (If you don’t know what Planet Earth is, it’s an incredible nature documentary that’s insanely popular here in the UK.) 

You may notice my adventures mainly draw me to beaches, islands and crystal turquoise shores. On my latest trip I explored cities with winding canals and stunning buildings. Your ideal holiday destination may look a little different to mine and I know for sure my bucket list is changing all the time.

However recently my Instagram feed has been full of Bali snaps! Plenty of tall palms, never ending rice fields and luscious greenery. Sunday’s episode of Planet Earth 2 was all about jungles and it reinforced that my next adventure around Asia will be filled with visits to these rich and wild lands ~ ethical visits only of course wanderers, the tiger wont be happy if you  wake him up with your camera flash.

As a follow up to a post you all seemed to love, I can’t believe it’s not the Maldives, I wanted to find some wild destinations you can get lost in and release your inner beast… with clothes on please.

Bali, Ubud –

Source: Pinterest

Although Ubud is favored by tourists (for a reason) much of authentic Bali is still present. The iconic and breathtaking rice fields surrounded by towering palm trees and backed by tall Volcanoes are the perfect location to retreat with nature. Visit the Monkey Forest and get a taste for the local tree residents up close. You wont be needing a filter here.

The Daintree Rainforest, Australia –

Source: Sally Mustang

Combining white sand with crystal waterfalls and thick jungle is a rare find. One that makes for perfect explorations. This area of Queensland, Australia is like something straight out of Jurassic Park. The prehistoric setting it somewhere I can only dream about and hope one day it will feature on my Instagram feed. The forest is backed by mountains and fringed by amazing underwater reefs. I would do very bad things to be able to adventure here.

Brazil, South America –

pinterest : claireegrace                                                                                                                                                      More:

The Amazon Rain Forest (Brazil/Peru). I am going to need about 6 months to travel to all the places I want to see in South America. Chile started an obsession...:

How could I talk about jungles and not bring up the Amazon!  There are tons of pricey tours that will take you all around the Galapagos islands and the infamous Amazon Jungle, just be sure to consider the resident wildlife whilst exploring these lands. Pack your insect repellent and wave goodbye to civilization as you embark into Brazil’s portion of Jungle paradise.

Ross Island, India –

Related image

Image result for ross island india

An island swallowed by nature, floating among the Andaman Islands, this mystical place has a dark past. The British once enslaved up to 8,000 Indian prisoners here to carry out the building of a colony. Known to the oblivious back in England as the ‘Paris of the East’ because of it’s beautiful architecture, luxury pools, grand ballrooms and lavish gardens, the rich at home deemed it a paradise.

Many slaves committed suicide due to the brutal crimes they were submitted to by the British soldiers and surrounding cannibalistic tribes. An Earthquake destroyed most of the structures and residents fled after World War 2 broke out and the Japanese invaded. Now the island is a thick tropic forest, a true jungle strangling the remnants of a horrific history.

Khao Sok National Park, Thailand –

kaoh sok swim thailand
I had a blast at the lake
Khao Sok lake
Arriving in Paradise
lake log
What I woke up to

The islands of Thailand aren’t the only place to find sandy shores and postcard perfect palm trees. Khao Sok, hidden in the depths of South Thailand’s Surat Thani region is home to the most stunning place I’ve visited to date.  The locals refer to it’s large lake as ‘the dam’ and surrounding the green undisturbed waters of this huge paradise is Thailand’s largest area of jungle.

Home to the largest flower in the world, Elephants, tigers and plenty of monkeys (I heard them loud and clear whilst napping in my floating bungalow, it was magnificent). Read more about this amazing haven in this post.  Or visit the wonders of the park yourself with TruTravels using discount code TRULM7, it will be the best decision you ever make.


Have you escaped to the jungle before? 

Little Lottie.x

Who’s still with me? Comment down below if you made it this far, BIG LOVE!

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