Europe from above – Insane Viewpoints you need to visit


There is something about having your breath taken away by the view of a magnificent place, the prospect of adventure and life right in below you. Nothing quite does that for me like being above a destination. Whether it’s at the top of a mountain, 30,000ft high from a plane window or lounging in a cocktail roof bar in a chic city building. The climb is always worth it and nothing beats the feeling of being on top of the world… literally.

I made it my mission in Europe to go to view points in each destination and I succeeded. With each view I found a new appreciation for where I was and seeing it from a different perspective showed all its beautiful edges.

Sunsets are unbeatable from heights and also my favourite time to venture to view points, here is my round up of beautiful spots to view Europe from;


Amsterdam – The Public Library

There are so many great spots to see this romantic City from, including a 23rd floor cocktail bar at the hotel Okura (which I really wanted to go to) but this one wont cost you a pricey drink in a crowded bar. The public library (Openbare Bibliotheek) in Amsterdam, just a short walk from Central station, has a 7th floor cafe with an awesome balcony that’s often empty. Take in the views and enjoy your secret spot. Watch the vlog here.


Berlin – Victory Column

After wandering around the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin I spotted a tall structure with a gold top in the distance and decided to head towards it, having no clue what it was. I walked for 1.5 miles until I reached the Victory Column. Positioned in the middle of a very large roundabout, reachable by 4 tunnels at each corner the Tower really is a must see site in Berlin. The climb isn’t for the fainthearted, your legs will burn like crazy but honestly, the view is unbeatable. I never realised how green Berlin was until viewing it from 190ft up! Watch the vlog here.


Prague – TV Tower

The TV Tower is visable from pretty much everywhere in Prague. It’s a vast contrast from the other pretty pastel buildings and medieval Castles around the City and stands proud in its bright white modern ways. For a small fee you can take the elevator to 96ft up where there are spacious rooms (and a snack bar) for you to take in the views from.



Venice – Bell Tower

Venice is not known for it’s hills but flat islands makes the view all the more phenomenal when viewed from above. The Bell Tower (San Marco Campanile) on St Mark’s Square is an amazing landmark and viewing point. Unfortunately it was a little misty when I ventured up the tower but plenty of small islands jutted out of the water into view for my ticket to be well worth it.



Florence – Piazza St Michelangelo

This was my favourite spot in all of Florence and the best view point of my trip by far. I ended up staying here for well over an hour watching the sun roll down behind the Tuscan hills. The Piazza can get pretty busy so I walked down the steps and perched myself on a wall where the view was flawless. The red roofs of the City looked stunning and I could have sat there for hours.


Rome – The Altare della Patria

Although there are many great view points in Rome I loved the view from this famous war monument as being on it was breathtaking in itself. Rome’s many famous landmarks peeked into view and the Colosseum was just round the corner!



Paris – Concorde Square

The highest point in Paris is really not that high. Of course you can pay a mere 7euros to go up the Eiffel Tower but I wanted my pictures to feature the iconic tower in the landscape too. Concorde Square is very scenic in itself and is worth a stop, home to a beautiful fountain and one of the famous ‘The Kiss’ statues this location kept me and my camera busy.



Visiting these view points was certainly a highlight of my trip. I made new friends in some of them, hiked through woods and train tracks with roommates to find one of them and will remember each and every view forever.

What’s the best view you’ve ever seen? Have you been to any of these cities?

Little Lottie.X

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10 thoughts on “Europe from above – Insane Viewpoints you need to visit

  1. This is my DREAM blog post!!!!!!! I am one who ALWAYS wants to see the city from above!! Luckily, I’ve been to a few of these- but I know that I want to see them all! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! I’m so glad you share my love for it. There’s nothing better when travelling right?! You will have to recommend some to me 😀 X

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Very interesting post! I never thought of it 😀 I’ve been to most of the cities you mentioned but never went on those towers you mentioned for the views. I specifically don’t look for such viewpoints although if I discover one, I always take advantage of it. Absolutely beautiful photos! 🙂


    1. Seeing places from above isn’t for everyone but I love the way the Cities look from the skies! They’re magnificent from anywhere aren’t they? Glad you’ve been to these amazing places too. Which one was your favourite? Everyone asks me and I can never answer! X

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Definitely Prague! No matter how touristy, it is just such a beautiful, beautiful city! Prague is my favorite not only from your list, but from among all the other cities I’ve visited 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! I’m really surprised, it is such a gorgeous place and they are certainly on the rise after the floods and devastation there. I love all the buildings around the City and the bars are amazing. I think I preferred Italy but it’s a tough call! X


  4. Love this post! I haven’t heard of most of these places as viewpoints so this was a really informative piece. The one I would add to this is Munich – St. Peter’s church has an amazing viewpoint right in the middle of the city.


    1. Thank you so much for reading Danielle! So sweet of you to share the post and I’m really glad you loved it! That sounds amazing! I wish I had the chance to visit Munich whilst in Germany but I will add this to my bucket list for the next trip, the city looks gorgeous X


  5. Nice post! I went to the TV Tower in Prague and Victory Column of Berlin already. In Rome I prefered the view from Villa Borghese, perfect for a sunset! If you ever come to Lisbon, Portugal make sure to check out our numerous viewpoints, especially in the Castle or Senhora do Monte for the best views! Another great views are in Norway: Mount Floyen in Bergen and the Ski Tower in Oslo. Enjoy your trip to Europe!


    1. Thank you so much, really pleased you liked the post! The view from the victory Column is unforgettable. Wow, the gardens in Rome sound gorgeous, I wish I got the chance to visit! I can imagine the views in Norway are incredible, certainly one to add to my bucket list! X

      Liked by 1 person

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