Travel Tuesday – A day in Berlin


Well done wanderers, you got through Monday! You’re that step closer to freedom once again! Don’t worry, I can help you out with today too.

We need to stop living this countdown and all quit our jobs in exchange for beaches. Okay? 

Now onto business… Travel Tuesday has returned!!! Well, it never left… I did though and I’m here with more stories from my Europe adventure.

My second stop was Berlin, (watch the first stop here)The capital of Germany really wasn’t what I expected, to my surprise this hip little city had vegan cafes and yoga down to perfection! You can hop on the public transport at all hours and it’s just as well seeing as the beer is cheap and the bars stay open until morning!

It’s surprising that a City who experienced war for over 30 years is so developed and a firm favourite among the travel community only 27 years on from the fall of the Berlin Wall and freedom for Germany. It is still raw there and has made the locals seem so welcoming and friendly towards the hundreds of visitors around the City.

Berlin and it’s people are rising from the flames and coming back stronger than ever. I never witnessed violence, theft or a huge homeless problem which was sometimes evident in other cities, just friends drinking in bars, residents offering directions and the best darn food I had on the entire trip.

As with all my adventures I tried to capture as much as I could for you on film. Watch my day in Berlin and subscribe to my YouTube channel to catch the whole trip!

Little Lottie.X


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