Travel Tuesday – Exploring Cornwall, The Vlog!


Happy Travel Tuesday you amazing bunch!

This is rather causal isn’t it? Perhaps I should make it a regular series, what do you think? 

Anyway, I’m here today to shout about my latest project! Over the summer (RIP warm weather), since returning from Mallorca and putting the travels on pause in order to save some cash for my long term trip at the end of the year I have decided to beat the travel blues by embracing home.

You may have seen on my Instagram, Pinterest and in this post that I’ve been exploring the rugged coasts and countryside of my beautiful home, Cornwall!

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As well as snapping away all the precious moments in lush green fields, rocky caves and sandy shores I’ve been capturing the last 3 months on film, including some festival fun at Baordmasters.


I would love you to join me over on YouTube (it’s a bit lonely over there) as I plan to vlog most of my travels next year and the company would be much appreciated!

I hope you enjoy watching my adventures in far away  not-so far away lands and let me know if you watched it in the comments!

Little Lottie.x

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2 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday – Exploring Cornwall, The Vlog!

  1. I love it!!!!!!! Yes this should be a regular thing!! I love how you have such a huge sense of adventure that you could find some at you home!! I feel the same way, I am always exploring the nooks and kraneys of Kentucky even though I have lived here for the last 19 years! I feel like we have a lot in common!

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  2. That’s so very sweet of you Brooke! I’ve had some lovely comments from very lovely people like you so I think I’m going to launch the series! There’s always time to explore and discover new places, even wherever we call home. I have very itchy feet so forever adventuring is certainly the way forward! So glad I’m not the only one 😛 x


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