Travel Writer of the Year?


Today’s post is a little bit selfish, but I need your help and I promise not to bang on about myself for the next 345 words…

I’m completely honored to have made the finals of The National Student‘s Student Travel Writer of The Year competition! Myself and 4 very talented ladies have been shortlisted to win the top prize, a trip to Cambodia with my favorite travel crew, Tru Travels!  They’ve just expanded their tours to Cambodia, Vietnam and Bali, taking on Asia in epic Tru style and changing the lives of travelers like me daily.

Check out my Thailand posts to hear what I got up to on tour with the Tru crew or watch the tour on my YouTube channel. Get an awesome discount when booking with them using code TRULM7. Do it, I promise you it will be the time of your life! 

group thailand travel shot

So how do I win this amazing experience? I need to venture somewhere like no other, somewhere a mere body of water away, somewhere filled with beautiful architecture and above all, adventure. Where you ask? …EUROPE!  

"A" for area. Colombia, South America, has the size of Portugal, Spain and France altogether.  Come and visit us at

Eurolines is generously sending us a coach pass around Europe to put our venture down on paper so I’m off on a little ‘pre-backpacking’ trip for 2 weeks of European fun.

Despite living in the UK I’ve neglected the gorgeous countries right on my doorstep and am so grateful to be given this opportunity to explore the places I have only admired on the vast boards of Pinterest. The canals of Amsterdam, the romantic city of Prague and my most anticipated destination, beautiful Italy. 

Turquoise Canal, Venice:

So this is where I need your help, where shall I go, what shall I write, what would you like to hear? Leave your suggestions in the comments and I will report back from afar lands.

Keep your eyes out for my articles here and be my friend here to see the adventures unroll>                                                                                           Instagram: @little_charlottee | YouTube: Charlotte Little | Facebook: Little Lottie | Twitter: @LittleLottie10  | Bloglovin:  Charlotte Little | Pinterest: Charlotte Little |

Little Lottie.XO

3 thoughts on “Travel Writer of the Year?

  1. That sounds like an awesome opportunity! If you’re into fairytale-esque architecture, head to Alsace (Strasbourg and Colmar are beautiful, there are also lots of smaller towns/ villages such as Riquewihr, Ribeauvillé, Munster, in the area surrounded by vineyards)… or Bodensee/ Lake Constance (also: Konstanz) is a beautiful area on the Swiss/ German/ Austrian border, lots of nice little towns and very scenic. Lucerne in Switzerland is one of the prettiest places I’ve visited; there are mountains nearby which can be ascended by miniature train/ cable car. The region of Brittany in France is also home to lots of quaint, picturesque towns, e.g. St Malo on the coast and of course the famous Mont St Michel not far away. Enjoy your trip & look forward to reading about it!

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    1. Hi Rosie! Thank you so much for your suggestions. Those fairytale towns sounds like perfection and must be amazing to explore. Switzerland certainly is high on the list, there’s no denying the mountainous surroundings are incredible and I hope I can see a lot of those views on my travels. It means a lot that you stopped by and your comment is so helpful! Definitely look out for my Europe posts to see where I end up 🙂

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