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thank you

The last 12 months have changed me more than I could have ever anticipated. From being engaged and climbing the career ladder to leaving everything with a one way ticket to one of the best countries in the world.

I don’t feel like I’m on this planet to carry children, run an empire or be a wife who cooks for her loving husband. I’m here to explore, to roam freely, barefoot and barefaced. Preferably with the sun beating down on my skin and a coconut in one hand 😉

Home is what you make it. It’s not a place, it’s not a cosy bed, it’s not a house full of objects or an expensive car parked outside. It’s where your heart takes you, where you can find the kindest people with the biggest smiles. Where there is beauty that captivates your heart with every footstep. Where you can’t shake that giddy feeling that makes you high on just how blessed you are to be right there, in the moment.

And that, to answer the unquestionable, is why I am travelling solo for as long as I feel like moving and keeping up with the wild wanderlust in my blood. Searching for the next chapter, growing my roots and making new homes in the stunning corners of earth that adventure awaits in.If we were meant to stay in one place:

Thank you for reading my journey. Thank you for supporting my dreams. Most of all, thank you for being a beautiful person. Embrace your life of adventure, wherever you call home. And thank you for making me feel at home here.

Little Lottie. XO

See the adventure> Instagram: @little_charlottee | YouTube: Charlotte Little

5 thoughts on “Thank you for 100 subscribers!

  1. Love the quote on this post, so true!

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    1. I know! It definitely relates to how I feel the majority of the time 🙂 Thank you for reading! x

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  2. Ryan Brockhoff July 31, 2016 — 6:27 pm

    Just started following you on wordpress and instagram! Love your work! 🙂


    1. Thank you Ryan, that’s so kind! I will check you out now 🙂 x

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    2. Ryan, you’re so talented! I’ve followed you everywhere. Your Instagram feed is so inspiring and wild, I love it.!

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