Staying healthy whilst travelling – My tips

healthy traveller

If you know me well then you probably ask me the same question when I return from a trip, ‘did you eat okay?’ I feel like I must look like skin and bones because everyone asks me this, usually the answer is ‘yes, I actually ate more than I do at home!’

Wherever I may be in the world I manage to stick to my plant based/vegan diet with minimal issues. There are a few steps I take before the adventure begins to ensure I focus on having fun when I’m there and don’t get hangry (Hunger violence isn’t a good thing). This also applies to staying healthy whilst away so read on if you love your body.

Up in the air…

I don’t know about you but plane food doesn’t get me sky-high. It smells. It’s vacuum packed. It’s ugly, I could go on but I will stop offending the fans and get to the point. Whilst in the air, I’m all about prep.  On a long haul I pre-order a fruit platter if the option is there because you can’t go wrong with it, plus you usually get served first 😉

I bring along a large take out cup of full of oats and berries and ask the cabin crew to add  in some hot water. Then when that yummy fruit platter comes along you’ve got yourself a tropical porridge dish that will keep you full for hours!

Top tip: Never pay for expensive bottled water again. Bring an empty bottle on board (I use a glass one for maximum use) and ask the crew to fill it for you. Voila! 


I’ll take it to go…

Everyone has their favourite snacks and dried fruit wont go bad on the go or once you’re at your destination. I love Nakd bars and their raw chocolate orange date balls. These were my go to whilst travelling to Mallorca recently and I kept them with me poolside for in between meal munching.

Of course whilst travelling it’s nice to stick to a budget so when I’m on shorter trips, like my recent weekend in London, I go all DIY. Give my rawnola recipe a try and store in tupperware or a jar for on the go snacking/breakfasts.

rawnola balls


Know the lingo…

Trying to mime out a cow udder when asking for no dairy is nobodies idea of a delightful meal out so before going to Thailand I researched the symbols for no dairy & no meat. This is important because vegetarian and vegan don’t mean a lot in certain parts of the world. For example the word for vegan in most of Asia is ‘strict vegetarian’. I got to know the symbol for that so I could look for it on street food stalls and restaurant menus. It’s always worth print screening the word in the language of your destination on your phone so you can show it when you order.


Make it up…

It’s worth considering picking up some fresh ingredients at local shops and markets and cooking it yourself if you have the time and facilities but let’s face it, we’re on holiday and exploring the local hot spots for yummy dishes is all part of the fun! I use this tip all over the world and it makes life a lot easier, just adjust the dish to suit you. In Asia there are a lot of delicious rice and noodle dishes with meat or fish so I just ask for that dish with no meat or sub it with tofu.

In Thailand I ordered oatmeal with fruit nearly everyday but asked them to make it with hot water not milk, the same went for smoothies, and it was so tasty!

Minus the seafood please

Walk more, swim in the ocean & dance on the tables…

These are all fabulous ways of keeping fit when away. I’m not one to take to a gym unless the weather is REALLY horrific. Get out in nature, explore your environment by foot and you will see WAY more of your temporary home. Hike, snorkel, surf and kayak around your destination. Get involved in fun activities and most importantly dance the night away.


Lake Kyak Selfie


Use tripadvisor to scope out some fabulous nearby food spots. This is especially handy when looking for a vegan or vegetarian places to eat and the reviews are always honest. I found a gorgeous little vegan cafe when walking round the streets of Koh Tao and had the best peanut butter brownies of my life there!

vegeta bowl brownie

vegeta bowl
Delicious falafel salad at Vegeta Bowl in Koh Tao

Eat your cake…

Don’t let a diet get in the way of your trip. Wherever you travel, immerse yourself in the culture. Try the cuisines, treat yourself to dessert and don’t stress about what you’ve eaten because life is too short for that. A positive mindset is key to feeling healthy, no matter what size you are. Travel safe and travel fun.

This post was inspired by Cotopaxi who focus on spreading a healthy and safe travel message worldwide. Help them do so by liking this post and check out their backpacks. GearForGood is an amazing cause and every backpack purchase will help towards a donation.

Happy travels


Do you have any tips or tricks to staying healthy on the go?

Little Lottie.XO

8 thoughts on “Staying healthy whilst travelling – My tips

  1. Looks fun! great post. I love watching people make healthy choices 😉 definitely subscribing for more like this! I have similar lists on my blog. Definitely check it out if you want some healthy living tips or inspiration.



    1. Thank you Brit! That’s so sweet of you. Really glad you found it helpful. I actually crave healthy food whilst I’m away. Nothing like tons of refreshing fruit or smoothies when your on a hot beach! X


  2. I actually just posted a blog about the same issue!!!! I love yours and I’m so happy that we are able to help people stay healthy and have the best experience while traveling possible !


    1. Ah yay! Thanks so much for reading and I’m so glad you liked it. Some people find it really hard to eat healthy whilst away but I just crave smoothies and salad! I will definitely check your post out! X

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Helpful tips! I will definitely try some of them😊


    1. Thank you so much for reading! So glad you liked the post and good luck! X

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Bringing your own snacks and water is a great idea. Snacks and beverages are sometimes overpriced in airplanes, bus stops and train stations. And sometimes they are not even that good… :))


    1. Asking for water refills during a 15 hour flight is literally life saving rather than drinking from the tiny cups they give you or buying tons of expensive bottles of water. The crew never get annoyed either! Glad you liked the tips, airplane food sucks half the time and this definitely helps me 🙂


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