Underwater Paradise in Mallorca

My Mallorca travel vlog is here!

I would love you all to be a babe and spare 2 minutes (literally) to watch my island adventure on film over on my very small YouTube channel. Press subscribe and give it a thumbs up whilst you’re there for lots of digital love from me.

Here are some previews from the video because I’m a tease like that…






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2 thoughts on “Underwater Paradise in Mallorca

  1. I loved your vlog! I haven’t been to mallorca for years (and for some weird reason I always get confused about whether it’s majorca manorca or mallorca 🙈) and this was a beautiful post to read!xx

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  2. Thank you so much! Really glad you liked it. It was fun to make although I’m just trying to be a mermaid the entire time but there’s nothing wrong with that 😛
    I do too!! It’s Mallorca in the UK and Europe but the Americans call it Majorca so I called it that on the video to be safe 🙂 It’s a very pretty island and I wish I had more time to explore xx


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