Why I stopped wearing makeup

ost of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no help at all.
Remember the no makeup selfie and how hard some gals’ and guys found it to join in with the latest Instagram sensation. Fashion is often branded with ‘I woke up like this’ or ‘#nomakeup’ but it’s not surprising that something as normal as walking out the house fresh faced has become abnormal in a day and age where 10 year old girls feel pressured to start putting their ‘faces’ on before school.
I watched the 80s classic ‘Mystic Pizza’ recently and was so envious that the natural look that was totally normal then! What changed?! Why can’t we be considered attractive if we wear oversized sweaters, mom jeans, no makeup and frizzy hair in 2016? Julia Roberts sure as hell pulled it off!
mystic pizza
Mystic Pizza (amazing film, please watch) Image Source: US Magazine
Not that there is anything wrong with makeup. How it makes you feel is the important part and for many females round the world it empowers them, like a sexy force field that means you can face anything the day chucks at you! For some it’s a work of art, trying out different shades in the contours of your face to emphasise the features you love most. For others it’s a cloak, hiding what society has made them think is a flaw.
Well guess what, there is no such thing… Each spot, wrinkle, freckle and feature makes you beautiful. (I’m a big cheeseball right?!)
Mallorca splash
With celebrity role models like Alicia Keys now going completely bare (even in photo shoots and album covers, you go girl!) the fire is catching and inspiring people all over the world to save their money, time and efforts for an extra 10 minutes in bed or smoothie making time if you’re me.
For me makeup was a chore, an uncomfortable layer that I couldn’t wait to take off at the end of the day. So the question came about… Why have I got it on in the first place?!


Travelling refreshed that message further, I knew a tan would give me the confidence to bin the chemicals for good once I was home. But the tan wasn’t what changed things, meeting and being embraced by fellow wanderers was what made it concrete. I made amazing friends and even had a brief romance whilst baring my natural self on the tropical Asian islands.
 lake log group
It really is what’s inside that counts you know, just like a peanut butter sandwich or juicy piece of fruit.
Do you wear makeup? Would you ever consider going without it?
Little Lottie. XO
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