Fitness at home – my essentials

fitness at home

Many people fail to keep fit and healthy because they think the gym is the only answer. Gyms are great but can often be busy, expensive and make you feel a little insecure in front of the regular gym goers. When I started working out at home I found myself getting in exercise every day.

I am much more motivated to get up an hour early and roll out of bed into my living room rather than face an extra early morning with a drive to the gym where I’d often end up feeling too tired to push myself. Here are a few of my essentials that make fitness at home a doddle.


Make exercise part of your routine and everyday life so you enjoy it and it doesn’t feel forced. If I forced myself to workout after a full day at work I probably wouldn’t do it half the time. It’s far too easy to get home and justify not having to work up a sweat because I had a hard day at the office.

I prefer starting my day with a good fitness session. My go to is Insanity, which is a high intensity interval training cardio DVD. I get up an hour early and do a 45 minute video before work, Monday – Friday. Morning workouts wake you up and make you feel ready to take on the world. Feel free to add motivational messages to your alarms but let’s face it, nobody looks when smacking the alarm to silent.


Exercise mat

If you’ve got a mat you can pretty much workout anywhere. On a sunny day I take mine into the garden and do some yoga or YouTube videos. It’s great for stopping me slip or make too much noise on the wooden floors in my house.

I recommend a long and thick one as you will need it when stretching. Mine is from Amazon but get fancy if you have the budget. Look out for reviews of the mats smelling bad or flaking as this is common in lower end options and kills the whole summer workout vibe pretty quickly.


If you’re a fitness newbie getting kitted out with nice workout gear can be a great motivator. Treating yourself to a great pair of leggings or pretty crop top is money well spent (as long as you wear it that is). Some great brands include Nike, Sweaty Betty and Fabletics but if you’re on a budget Primark do great pieces and most of my gym kit comes from their range.

PicMonkey Collage
Primark workout gear


YouTube is a great source for workout videos that are easy to do at home. From cardio to yoga you can pretty much find everything. I like to pick 10 minute videos and mix and match, usually a full body and ab workout with some yoga to cool down afterwards. Check out XHIT Daily for quick and effective workouts.

I see real results from Insanity and you really do work up a sweat, believe me. There are a range of video lengths from 20 minutes to 1 hour workouts although being named the worlds hardest at home workout it can be too intense when I’m feeling sore.

transformation tuesday
My Insanity Results


A good playlist can be just what you need when you’re feeling unmotivated to get your body moving. Spotify is a favourite of many but check out YouTube’s music channel for free workout music at your fingertips.  Find my favourite playlist here.

Fitness at home has been a lifesaver for me, it means I get to workout 5 days a week and has done wonders for my confidence, not to mention the health benefits. If the gym puts you off getting fit then try out some of these tips. Experiment with YouTube videos to find what exercise you enjoy and consider booking into a local class. Cardio is my first choice but strength training, yoga and circuits are other amazing body shapers.

How do you workout?

Little Lottie. xo

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3 thoughts on “Fitness at home – my essentials

  1. Love this! I am also a morning at home workout girl. I enjoy the time to myself in the morning and it always gets my day started off in a good mood!


    1. That’s great! I feel like we’re a rare breed but morning workouts are the best!


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