Quitting The Pill


My health posts are popping up here quite often aren’t they? Health is the new black you know.

The changes I’ve made recently have really made me thrive so I’m kicking it up a notch and have decided to stop pumping my body with synthetic hormones in the form of that old friend, the contraceptive pill.

If you weren’t already aware I started eating clean back in March after realising I was happily living on hardly any meat and feeling much better for it. It was a natural transition that I didn’t need to force as almond milk was already a staple in my diet and the only animal product in my life was fish. I definitely wouldn’t label myself as vegan but it’s a lifestyle I’m considering more and more. To eat clean I stopped consuming processed foods, refined sugars, dairy, meat and caffeine, (pardon the occasional glass of wine.) Sound boring? I can promise you it isn’t, sad as it is, I look forward to my bowl of porridge and spinach shake in the mornings. You have chocolate so leave me be.

Working out is also a major game changer and regular visitors of Little Lottie don’t need to hear me rave about Insanity anymore. You can read more about my health journey here.

Filling my body with nutritious whole foods, working out every day, taking health supplements and only using organic vegan products on my skin is all well and good but how will I know their true benefits whilst I’m counteracting them with synthetic hormones?

This is a decision I’ve been toying with for a while but now I’m not in a relationship and considering a vegan lifestyle the pill has to go! The contraceptive pill works by tricking your body into thinking it’s pregnant so that it doesn’t produce the right hormones to make a baby, this obviously comes with an abundance of side affects like weight gain and migraines. Stop right there. I’ve been doing this to my body for 5 years! So why do doctors dish it out like sweets? Mainly because it’s a trusted and quick method of contraception. However whether you’ve been taking the pill for 1 month or 10 years it will still take your body around 6 months to find hormonal balance again.

I was prescribed the pill when I was 15, my doctor insisted it would clear my skin before the school prom, no such luck. 1 year on I was put on accutane which you have to take the pill with anyway, it’s also worth mentioning I was in a long term relationship so I benefited from being on the pill, until the migraines started. Various pills later I’ve had enough.

I’m expecting bad skin and other possible post pill consequences but am trusting in my healthy lifestyle and various supplements to help re-balance my hormones in a natural way. I will be taking Omega 3 as usual, Starflower Oil and Maca Root to help balance those nasty hormones that contribute to acne and mood swings.

I will update you on my journey to a cleaner lifestyle, fingers crossed it will be a smooth one and I wont be tempted to go back on the pill.

Little Lottie. xo

Have you ever taken the pill? What’s your experience with hormones been like? Do you recommend any natural supplements to help with the transition?

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