London. A home away from home?

I recently got back from the annual trip to London, my mother, sister and I regularly visit my aunt in East London and grandparents in Kent and we have done since I was old enough to walk. 

What would a trip be without a selfie?
Though I always used to see it as a wonderful, adventurous city this trip I realised how expensive it would be to live there. We went through £150 just on travelling in 4 days, let alone the hotel and food (& shopping.)
My sister is expecting a baby this summer and I found myself on edge making sure her and the bump were safe, it’s totally different where I live in Cornwall, it’s quiet. Sometimes that’s made me feel like a big fish in a small pond, not in an arrogant way but in a ‘what’s out there for me’ kind of way.
Despite that, London holds so many more career and blogging opportunities! There are hundreds of boutique cafes waiting for me to write and sip coffee in. But it isn’t home.
It’s a luxury to live 10 minutes from a beach but live in a city and have a great job. I don’t think I could let that go. I get to hop in my car every morning and drive to an office 5 minutes away where I work with lovely people. I prefer that to an hour long tube commute.
Maybe one day, adventure will find me and I will be the smallest fish in a huge sea, like we all are really.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love the City. This trip was in occasion of my sister’s 21st and boy did we shop. We made the essential visit to Oxford Street and only managed to go in our 3 favorites, H&M, Primark and Forever 21. As well as a necessary Pret stop. We also hit Harrods to oogle over the gorgeous designer numbers we can’t afford.

Harrods Bakery is Heaven on Earth

I picked up some more gym gear in Primark, some gorgeous pieces in Forever 21 and fell in love with some home items in H&M but as we were flying home the bigger items had to stay on the shelves.

It was lovely to take a 50 minute flight rather than the 6 hour train ride. I filmed the take off and landing to distract myself  from getting anxious and it worked really well. Check out my instagram to see the videos and my London snaps!

Bon Voyage.
Little Lottie 

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